David Bovill david at vaudevillecourt.tv
Thu Jan 27 04:57:20 EST 2011

Ah yes - that's how I remember it. So setting the $PATH from within LiveCode
works on a temporary basis, but $PATH is not in sync with your personal
users terminal (bash) settings.

It would be good to know where exactly LiveCode gets it's $PATH settings

2011/1/26 François Chaplais <francois.chaplais at mines-paristech.fr>

> from what I understand, the shell command creates a new shell session which
> not that of the terminal. As a result, you may have to rebuild $path
> correctly. Here is what I do to put the TeX executables in the shell's path:
> ------------------------
> on checkTeXPATH -- for MacTeX
>   put $PATH into theShellPATH
>   if "/usr/local/bin:" is not in theShellPATH then -- for Ghostcript
>      put "/usr/local/bin:" & $PATH into $PATH
>   end if
>   if "/usr/texbin:" is not in theShellPATH then -- for pdftex etc..
>      put "/usr/texbin:" & $PATH into $PATH
>   end if
> end checkTeXPATH

It is possible to combine the above with reading the configuration files
yourself - and then seting LiveCode's $PATH to match the settings with a
handler like yours above. All though a general parser for bash scripts would
be messy due to the large number of ways things can be coded, and the range
of configuration files that need looking at, I think a practical version
would simply allow manual editing of .profile and the equivalent config
files on other platforms as an aid to command line program installation?

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