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Mon Jan 24 14:37:48 EST 2011

On 01/24/2011 09:20 PM, form wrote:
> On Mon, Jan 24, 2011 at 1:48 PM, Bob Sneidar<bobs at twft.com>  wrote:
>> But what happens when they change how long they thing the universe existed?
>> They have changed it at least 25 times since I went to school. There are
>> probably still about 6 ideas floating around right now on exactly how long
>> they thing it's been.
> The changes have been narrowing the probable range, not just jumping around.
> Future changes are likely to be small adjustments, probably below the
> accuracy threshold of a program such as this.
>   Then there are those who think everything was created, but with aging built
>> in. For instance, the light from distant stars already having made the
>> journey. If you think about it, a created 3 dimensional universe would have
>> to have this aging "built in" to prevent any number of weird anomalies. "You
>> spread out the heavens like a curtain" I believe is the phrase.
> This extreme view (not seriously considered by science to be an answer to
> any existing cosmological questions) doesn't go extreme enough! :) Try to
> wrap your braincells around THIS doozie:
> The past exists for us as a memory. In any one instance of time that memory
> is a static recording. At the same instance, our expectations and
> predictions of the future are also the static result of our brain applying
> experience to memory. Even our senses that form our conception of "now" are
> delayed somewhat from the actual sensing.
> So there doesn't need to be time at all. Just one frozen instance with a
> memory of the past, a delayed sense of what just happened, and a prediction
> of the future. We think time is happening becase we (falsely) remember it
> happening and (incorrectly) expect it to continue happening.
> The whole universe suffers from déjà vu...
> Um... Forget I ever mentioned that, Roger, and keep going with your app. ;)
>   ~ Chris Innanen
>   ~ Nonsanity
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I wonder what "Universe" means.

One view of things is that there is no beginning and no end; but 
'Universes' as we conceive of
them are constantly being created and destroyed through what is termed 
"the external potency
of God."

Or, put it another way; why worry unduly?

In the post-Christian world we tend to date things from about 2011 years 
ago; the Jews
are running at 7000 something (somebody sort me out here!!!), the 
Muslims are running
in the 1400s. The Hindus have a lot of competing calenders (I can only 
think of the Shakabda,
Vajradanta, Chaitanya, Gauda and Vikrama [each available as 'current' 
and 'expired]; but, then,
Hey, I'm not a Hindu so don't expect too much in that neck of the woods).

What is, probably more relevant right now, is that the dead PRAM battery 
on my G3 iMac in my EFL school
insists on telling me it is 1972. Which, oddly enough, suits me fine . . 
.  :)

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