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Mon Jan 24 12:39:18 EST 2011

Yes Spiceworks core feature is to be able to run scheduled scans. You can add multiple scan ranges, so let's say all your accounting computers have a different domain login than your R&D computers. Just group your computer IP addresses together according to your company organizational structure, then create a separate range with different credentials for each one. 

Each range can be scanned on demand. If you create a single IP address in a scan range, you can use it to enter a new or recently updated computer's IP address, then tell Spiceworks to Scan Now forcing Spiceworks to scan and inventory that one computer. 

Beyond that, they sync with Active Directory so you can attach devices to people. They have a very good help desk system so that you can attach devices to tickets and people. Their search is a kind of hypertext sort of search where you type something into a search field, and Spiceworks will give you a list of matches on virtually every field on the fly. Very cool. 

They have custom fields that you can add yourself for tickets and devices, so you can track custom information that you need to keep track of. 

They recently added Purchases, which works like a kind of cheap PO system. You can save vendor information if you like. They use sqLite as a backend, so it is possible (although not recommended) to access the data directly. They also have a text based logging system that creates a ".yaml" file for each device detected. You can actually parse these text files for your LiveCode app if you want to figure out how. It shouldn't be too dificult, they are structured pretty well. 

You may want to consider getting Parallels Desktop for Mac to run your Spiceworks server on. It's a pretty simple thing to do. That is what I do here. Almost all my servers are running in some Parallels VM somewhere. 


On Jan 22, 2011, at 3:15 PM, Robert Brenstein wrote:

> On 21.01.11 at 17:46 -0800 Bob Sneidar apparently wrote:
>> Once you ping an address you can shell to get the arp table. Use arp -a. BTW have you looked at Spiceworks? They have an incredible scan engine that gets just about anything with a management protocol. AND it's FREE!
>> Bob
> I just looked at Spiceworks. Sounds great. Little problem: I have no Windows machine to run it on. It is also not clear from their website whether it can do scans on a schedule and log the results.
> Robert
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