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Roger Guay irog at
Sun Jan 23 11:32:43 EST 2011

Thanks for your feedback, David (and Klaus). I'm certain that you could pull it apart and add to it, but I thought it might be fun to add the ability for users to add events to it without pulling it apart. I'll certainly give that some thought. And a "play" function sounds interesting too. Hmmm....

As to size, I felt that the bigger problem for something like this was to keep the byte size down, what with all of the images needed for it. Hence, the images were kept to a minimum size, which led to the size of the TimeScope etc.  My wife, wants me to convert this to an iPad app, but I haven't gotten very far with that whole arena . . . yet.

Thanks and cheers,


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> Thanks for that Roger - great work. I got  a good impression of the overall
> scope of time playing with this. I wish I could pull it apart and add to it!
> Some feedback:  first on the size of the app, I think it is both too small
> and too big. I certainly wanted it larger - the design was too small to get
> a good feel for the subject (on my laptop), but at the same time the design
> is too big for an iPhone (NB - I think it would make a great liitle iPhone /
> iPOD app). Secondly I think a "play" function would be nice to sit back and
> watch?
> On 23 January 2011 03:12, Roger Guay <irog at> wrote:
>> My goal for TimeMachine was to explore a truer perspective of the
>> timescales of events relative to the enormous 13.7 billion year age of the
>> universe. As an example, the entire history of human existence is like 7
>> seconds on a clock scaled to 14 billion years. TimeMachine will allow you to
>> select various timescales, and then move through that time span to view
>> images of well-known events.
>> My apologies for not being able to upload this stack to RevOnline due to
>> unknown technical difficulties. But, I really want to share this stack. So,
>> you may download it by going to the download page of my website at
>> As usual, I want to thank the LiveCode community for many of the ideas,
>> techniques, tricks etc. that you'll find in TimeMachine. You folks are a
>> total inspiration to me, and I hope you will enjoy this stack as much as I
>> enjoyed building it.
>> Cheers,
>> Roger

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