usb driver problem

Claudi Cornaz claudi.c at
Sun Jan 23 05:46:59 EST 2011

Tom and all,

What I have found about these settings is the baudrate of course and then 8 databits 1 stopbit no parity. That's it.

I have found this info in the pref file of the arduino IDE, which is in the users library/Arduino folder.
I have now connected a LCD screen and keypad to my arduino to get some more feedback I hope to what I am doing
and I am writing a simple test stack/scetch combo to do the further sleuthing. As soon as I have this finished/working I will post both
so you can try it. I hope I can manage to do it today.

Tom which version of OSX are you using, since with 10.5 I can send and recieve in livecode but alas with 10.6 not yet.
I use: constant kSerialSettings = "BAUD=9600 PARITY=N DATA=8 STOP=1" for the serial settings

I have no idea yet what changed between 10.5 and 10.6 and wether that's the change or that there is a difference
in the installed usb/serial driver. With 10.5 the  /dev/cu.usbmodem3d11 driver gets installed
and with 10.6 it's the    /dev/cu.usbmodem3a21  driver. So depending on the os version there is a different driver
and the problem might be in that driver.

Best wishes,

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