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Sun Jan 23 04:12:21 EST 2011

On 01/23/2011 06:08 AM, Ken Ray wrote:
>> O.K. Ken, given that there are companies in our business that have used more
>> than a three char suffix. That still doesn't make it right.
> Sorry, Cal, I'm just not seeing the big deal with "greater than 3 character"
> file extensions... but maybe it's just me...

NO; it's not just you.

But people get hung up on what we could term 'canonicity' for all
sorts of funny reasons which normally boil down to the fact that
people would rather work with the devil they know than the devil
they don't.

Lots and lots of people I come into contact with (normally trying to
dephlogisticate their Windows systems) are aware that Linux does
not suffer from the same vulnerability to viruses that Windows
does, I have demonstrated (exhaustively and exhaustingly) how
GNOME can be configured to have the look-and-feel of Windows
(to lessen the learning curve), I have pointed out that they will
probably save a fair bit of money for anti-virus software,
down-time and technicians.

They would still, rather hang on to Windows. The answer always is
"but, we're used to Windows".

Obviously people feel comfy with 3 letter suffixes for no good
reason than that they have been around for quite some time.

Logical or not; people's feelings have to be taken into account . . .  :)
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