revFontLoad Question

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Sat Jan 22 19:17:37 EST 2011

Thanks Stephen - I appreciate the input.

> Inside the bundle is exactly the place where apple WANTS you to put such
> things. That's what it was designed for, as against the Windows method of
> all the files alongside.  The idea is user convenience for installing and
> uninstalling. Nice and neat. A great feature of MacOSX.
> Bundles are used for data, too. EyeTV puts huge video files inside a data
> bundle that also contain metadata files used by the app.
> This is where Livecode puts its stuff as well, and you can too. Use a new
> folder named by you inside the contents folder inside the bundle. Control
> click any bundle to reveal its insides.
> On 22 January 2011 16:22, Marty Knapp<martyknapp at>  wrote:
>> Thanks Stephen,
>> Yes, I have written permission to distribute the font. I was wondering more
>> about the advisability of accessing it inside the app bundle as opposed to
>> writing it out to another location and loading it from there.
>> In its current form, my app installs the font into the Fonts folder on
>> first launch (informing the user) but as I'm hoping to get this into the Mac
>> app store, I'm guessing that this is not acceptable. I have contacted Apple
>> about installing the font, got re-routed 3 times and now have not heard
>> anything. So I think the revFontLoad is the way to go. I'm just not sure
>> about where the font file should be placed. In the bundle is the easiest,
>> but maybe there's a reason you're not supposed to do that?
>> Marty
>>   I would just make sure and check the fine print on distribution rights of
>>> the font, and what the terms are. If it's an open source font it should be
>>> ok. Milage may vary.
>>> On 22 January 2011 14:49, Marty Knapp<martyknapp at>   wrote:
>>>   I want to package a font with my Mac only app and use revFontLoad to load
>>>> it into memory. Is there a problem with just tucking it inside the
>>>> application bundle and loading it from there? Or should I put it into a
>>>> custom property and then write it out to the user's hard drive and put it
>>>> into use from there?
>>>> My preliminary tests show that it works from inside the bundle. I'm just
>>>> wondering if there's something that I'm not aware of that would make this
>>>> a
>>>> bad idea.

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