Changiing the height of a stack

Robert Brenstein rjb at
Sat Jan 22 09:15:20 EST 2011

On 21.01.11 at 19:20 -0800 Pete (Molly's Revenge) apparently wrote:
>Well, I guess I was misled by the dictionary then because it says:
>    If a control's *lockLocation* property is false, when you change its
>height, it shrinks or grows from the center:  the control's top and bottom
>edges both shift, while its location property stays the same. If the
>control's *lockLocation* property is true, it shrinks or grows from the top
>left corner: the control's top edge stays in the same place, and the bottom
>edge moves.
>That's exactly what I want to happen with the card.

But card is NOT a control. The above talks about controls.


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