Move many buttons all at same time

JosepM jmyepes at
Fri Jan 21 19:22:20 EST 2011


Yes, now they are moving at same time but from the step 1 to step 4
directly... I have a group of steps that each button must go. But only I get
move from step 1 to step 4.

I read 4 times the 6 buttons locations, but I don't see why not work :(

 set itemdel to tab

   repeat with x=0 to 4
      repeat with j=1 to 6 
         set itemdel to tab
         put item 2 of line j+(6*x) of fld "f_punts" into tObjecte
         put value(item 1 of line j of fld "f_punts") into tPosicio
         set itemdel to comma
         put item 1 of tPosicio into pLocationX
         put item 2 of tPosicio into pLocationY
         aeMoveTo the long id of btn tObjecte of stack "s_tactiques_futbol"
, pLocationX,pLocationY, 4500,any item of "in,out,inout,bounce,overshoot"
      end repeat

   end repeat

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