Changiing the height of a stack

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Fri Jan 21 17:12:48 EST 2011

Hi Peter,

> I want to change the height of a stack.  No problem changing the height property but that causes both the top and the bottom of the stack to change positions and I want the top of the stack to stay where it is and all the height change to be added to the bottom.  The dictionary says the locklocation property does that but then I find that isn't available for a stack.   I see a locklocation check box in the property inspector for the card, but it's greyed out.

I think "lockloc" does not apply to stacks.

> Sometimes the simplest things just aren't!

Modify the RECT of the stack like this:
put the rect of this stack into tRex

## make the stack 100 pixel "higher"
add 100 to item 4 of tRect
set the rect of this stack to tRex

You get the picture :-)

> Pete Haworth



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