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Fri Jan 21 09:05:36 EST 2011

--- On Thu, 1/20/11, Thomas McGrath III <mcgrath3 at> wrote:
> Actually, as long as data is coming
> from the Arduino the app works. The data comes in and fills
> the field. But after the data stops being sent the system
> hangs. Until I push the button on the Arduino to send more
> data in which case the beach ball goes away and the new data
> gets received again.
> It's like as long as data keeps everything is fine. I can
> even close the port in the middle of getting data but If it
> gets to the end of the current stream the system hangs and I
> can't even close the port. I put code in to close the port
> after data stops and that is working I think but the system
> still hangs like it's waiting for more.
> -- Tom McGrath III

Your 'read' is blocking the rest of the application. Try appending 'in 2 seconds" to the end of each 'read' statement, and check the result to see if it is 'time out' before processing the context of the special local variable 'it'.

I shot myself in the foot with that during my experiment of running a java helper app for JmDNS.


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