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Fri Jan 21 00:05:15 EST 2011

UPDATE: Something is working but makes no sense.

Found a few terminal screen ideas but they are outside of Livecode. No good.
Found a few applescript examples but would rather keep this crossplatform if possible and a LC to OSC solution would work on iOS but applescript would not. Not best but may have to go this route.

Found a few softwares that access the USB modem (not FTDI serial emulation) as serial which leads me to believe LC can still do this even with the change from software emulation of a serial port to the hardware emulation of a serial port. So I looked again at Sarah's serialTest stack.

I had to manually add the /dev/tty.usbmodem1a21 and /dev/cu.usbmodem1a21 to the popup menu. Then find replace driver with file in five places in the stack. Now most of the other solutions use the tty but two use the cu so I tested both. Major hang and LC not responding in Force Quit Window. 

Command period no good.
Esc no good.
Force quit. quits but no good and driver may still be open.

Unplug Arduino Uno and plug it back in. HUH Serial Input Shows Up In Field !!!!!! Beach ball of almost death goes away. Also port is now closed I think. Also Arduino Tx led not lighting anymore - should be though. Wait replug Arduino rest button on Arduino and serial Tx led is working again. But no longer connected to LC. Try again. Open cu port and beach ball of almost death shows up - LC not responding in Force Quit Window - Unplug Arduino and field fills up with serial data. THe data is a bunch of 1 and 0 based on blinking led.

SO this seems to say it is connecting but not communicating well. Not knowing enough about serial commands I am not sure what is causing the hang and not responding??? They are both set to 9600. I read somewhere that the trailing bit is or should be ignored.

Is there another way to connect via message box with out clutter from other settings ? Any ideas on what the culprit is here?

Thanks for staying with me on this one.

-- Tom McGrath III
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On Jan 15, 2011, at 10:37 PM, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Jacque-
> Saturday, January 15, 2011, 7:31:30 PM, you wrote:
>> There's no USB support per se, so if the device doesn't present itself
>> as a serial port device it won't work.
>> The path you use when you open a serial port as a file is the same one
>> you'd use in shell -- use the "/dev/tty.usbmodem1a21" path you 
>> mentioned. Also, see if you can talk to it in shell just as a test.
> That should work then, since the Arduino driver has always presented
> itself as a serial port.
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