On-Rev: authentication problems (Safari?)

Medard liste.revo at medard.on-rev.com
Wed Jan 19 15:27:42 EST 2011

Recently, I went with authentication problems concerning On-Rev...

As well as the "On-Rev" destop app, as "cPanel"

The problem with the desktop app seems to be resolved
(and also, there are some alternatives)

The problem remains unresolved connecting to cPanel is impossible, as it
refuses my name/password.

I wrote to the tech support, and they told me that things worked for

Usually, I go on the web with Safari... so I had an idea, and tested
Firefox, which is my second web browser: that worked!!!

So, the problem seems to lie into Safari...
I remembered that I had some problems with a Safari extension, Adblock,
that caused Safari to crash on opening a revlet.
I deactivated that extension -- with no luck ;-(

Also, I noticed some trouble with the password verification routine
within cPanel: in Safari that leaded to an "AJAX error" -- I don't know
if it is related to authentication problem.
And the password routine works like a charm in Firefox!

Mac OS X 10.6.5
Safari 5.0.3
Firefox 3.5.16

* besides that, they advised me to change my password, as I was still
using the one they gave me at start ;-)

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