Weird field behavior

Mike Bonner bonnmike at
Wed Jan 19 14:33:34 EST 2011

oops, cut and paste the url, all the way to the end of livecode of course.
 Forgot, and named my file with a space.

On Wed, Jan 19, 2011 at 12:32 PM, Mike Bonner <bonnmike at> wrote:

> Found a strange behavior with a field, was wondering if someone can
> confirm.
> Is there a line length limit in a field?  If so, what is it, so I know
> whether to ignore this, or not.  Or if no limit, of course can't be ignored.
> The problem is, with line wrap turned off, (or left on, with a line with no
> spaces) once the line gets too long it poofs. Yet, checking the line length
> shows it as still there, and more text can be added to the line which is
> also counted.
> With wrap turned on, the length of line that works is quite a bit longer
> than without wrap, but the affect is the same.  Keep adding text to the
> line, the scroll thumb adjusts itself based on the amount of text in the
> field, then POOF, thumb size is back to the start again as if there is no
> text in the field.  Yet the line length is still tracked correctly, and as
> new text is added the thumb size adjusts again till the next reset point.
> There is a stack here Bug.livecode to test
> with. Clear the data, then start adding data with the provided button. For
> me, on windows 7 with line wrap off, I can hit the button 4 times before it
> goes poof, for a length of 8400.
> With word wrap on, I can hit the button 7 times ending at a line length of
> 14700 when things go wiggy.

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