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Wed Jan 19 00:02:47 EST 2011

I take it you don't like the .livecode suffix very much.

Quite frankly, I think there are many of us that don't either. But we've
also found it's perfectly acceptable to use ".rev" and the stacks will still
operate without a problem.  The only time we see the IDE add the suffix is
on the creation of a new stack, and easy to fix with a script, or by hand.

I don't like long suffixes, for sure. They take too much room in a listing
and makes it harder to read with all that repetition. Often the suffix would
be longer than the actual file name in this case.

I am sure the mother ship has good intentions in this move - it gets the
name of the product out there and we're all for that.

But certainly an offense not worth bad feelings and tarring and feathering.

On 18 January 2011 22:27, Cal Horner <calhorner at> wrote:

> I noticed in the forum a few digests ago that one of the members was
> looking
> for conventions to use in coding and object naming, etc. And from my
> experience with Runrev and now LC stacks the people on this forum try to
> use
> some form of convention naming. Even if it isn't pure Hungarian notation.
> I think I can say that we all have reached some degree of professionalism.
> So, my question is "Who the H*** decided, in their little pea-brain, that
> they would break the convention (that has been around since Pontius was a
> Pilot) of a filename, a period (a full-stop for all you commonwealth
> people)
> and then finally a three character suffix."?
> Don't you think that this git should be taken out and tarred and feathered?
> How are we going to work around this. Who's got the hack that allows us to
> get back to some semblance of sanity. And How about sharing it.
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