fillRule - An useful vector graphic property

Alejandro Tejada capellan2000 at
Tue Jan 18 22:41:16 EST 2011

Hi all,

Just today, I found about this use for the
property named "fillRule"

Put the following script of 7 lines in a button:
(Watch for wraps in the Third line)

create graphic
set the style of it to polygon
set the points of it to "50,50" & cr & "50,100" & cr & "100,100" & cr
& "100,50" & cr & "50,50" & cr & cr & "60,60" & cr & "60,90" & cr &
"90,90" & cr & "90,60" & cr & "60,60"
set the opaque of it to true
set the fillRule of it to evenodd
set the backcolor of it to "green"
set the tool to pointer

You have a Square with a square hole... :-D
Of course, this is already explained in the Dictionary
but without an example, it's not really obvious.

Now, Livecode only needs some way to create irregular
masks from Polygon vector graphic. :-)


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