An idea on multithreading implementation

Alex Tweedly alex at
Tue Jan 18 20:00:04 EST 2011

Other than the issue of hitting a breakpoint, can't you simulate this 
very closely already.

on addToTimers pMessage, pObject, pFrequency
     -- store this info
     put pFrequency &TAB& pMessage &TAB& pObject &TAB& pFrequency & CR 
after sTimerList
end addToTimers

on removeFromTimers pObject
      -- remove from stored list
      -- details left as an exercise
end removeFromTimers pObject

on pauseTimers
    put false into gTimersAreActive
end pauseTimers

on repetitivelyFireTimers
     put empty into tNewList
     if gTimersAreActive then
       repeat for each line L in sTimerList
          subtract 1 from item 1 of L
          if item 1 of L = 0 then
             send item 2 of L to item 3 of L
             put item 4 of L into item 1 of L
         end if
         put L & CR after tNewList
      end repeat
      put tNewList into sTimerList
   end if
   send "repetitivelyFireTimers" to me in 1 second
end repetitivelyFireTimers

P.S. of course, there should be error checking, and you could handle 
sub-second (or non-integer second) timers as well - but this general idea

P.P.S I just typed the above script lines in - not tested, not a 
technique I generally use.

-- Alex.
end repetitivelyFireTimers

On 18/01/2011 23:57, Jeff Massung wrote:
> I - personally - would be much happier if two things were done:

> *** Create a timer control or some method of doing the same thing in code.
> It can be sort of simulated right now like so:
> send "foo" to me in 5 seconds
> on foo
>    ... do stuff ...
>    send "foo" to me in 5 seconds
> end
> But this has issues (for example, if I have a bug in "foo" so I fail to send
> again, or I hit a breakpoint in "foo" and have to stop execution), and
> sometimes I want to be able to pause send messages, etc. Being able to just
> create an interval that responds well to various situations would be very
> desirable:
> send "foo" to me every 5 seconds ## done!
> suspend the result ## the message is paused temporarily
> resume the result ## the message will continue from where it left off
> Those few things would be very useful to me.
> Jeff M.
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