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Tue Jan 18 16:46:07 EST 2011

Hi Dunbar,

> In a message dated 1/18/11 3:30:03 PM, klaus at writes:
>>> Break works OK. It just passes control to the end of the handler. The 
>>> docs say is acts like "exit", and it does.
>> Could not find this in the docs!
> Per the dictionary:
> The break command should not be used outside a switch structure: such use 
> is nonstandard,

Ah, I stopped reading right here :-)

> so it may not be apparent to whoever reads the code that the 
> use is intentional. If it appears outside a switch structure, it has the 
> same effect as the exit control structure.

Oh surprise, surprise!
But since this is officially not official, I would never use it ;-)

And since the engine might not be so forgiving in future releases
you should not get used to it anyway!



Klaus Major
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