usb driver problem

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Tue Jan 18 05:06:30 EST 2011

Hi Thomas,

I just ordered a arduino yesterday and hope to have it tommorow.
I sure hope this can be solved. (Well I am very positive about that, one way or another, that's why I ordered one anyway)

I have been looking on the web. I guess you did this already but just in case, here are some links

and in the livecode forum there is a thread about the arduino and apparently mmiele got it working :

by mmiele » Sat Dec 06, 2008 10:25 am

I used MacOS Tiger and then Leopard. 

What you need is: 

1 - download and install from the Arduino site ( the Arduino SDK. 

2 - download and install from the Arduino site or the FTDI site ( the driver to see the Arduino USB as a serial port. 

3 - connect the arduino board to an USB port of your Mac. 

You will see is a new entry in the list of serial devices. 
You can get the list reading the "driverNames" property: ex. 

put the driverNames into field "serialPorts". 

You can get a useful stack to test serial communication at 

The stack is SerialTest.rev
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this is from:

I hope you can get it working quickly and otherwise I will join your efford as soon as my arduino arrives.

Best wishes,

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