No Check Box in the Dictionary??

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Mon Jan 17 12:49:21 EST 2011

Bob Sneidar wrote:

 > On Jan 15, 2011, at 6:51 AM, Richard Gaskin wrote:
 >> Got you covered there:
 >> 4W Props is a simple property sheet tool for LiveCode, available
 >> through the Stacks section in RevNet - in the IDE see:
 >>  Development->Plugins->GoRevNet
 > Hi Richard.
 > Hey that's nice! What would also be cool is if it had a hot-type
 > search feature that would filter the view so that you could zero
 > in on the property you wanted for any object you click on.

It currently supports a limited sort of hot-typing in as much as it'll 
scroll down to the nearest match.

I have a version in the works that groups related properties, which will 
make it much more effective for discovering things.  That version is 
combined with a new object browser, so it'll be a much more complete 
tool but the downside is that it'll take more time to complete.

 > Also, is there a way to DL this so I can have it in my arsenal,
 > or do I have to use GoRevNet every time?

Just save it and put it in your plugins folder or wherever else you like.

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