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Medard liste.revo at
Mon Jan 17 10:10:19 EST 2011

Mark Wieder <mwieder at> wrote:


thank you for speaking of (G)mane :-)

their philosophy is interesting, indeed (in the About):

My main reason for setting up Gmane in the first place was my annoyance
with the concept of mailing lists. I've always preferred newsgroups --
they have a nice interface; they can be archived in a convenient format;
and they can be searched (via DejaNews/Google). Mailing lists have a
lousy interface, and if they have an archive at all, it's always hidden
behind some web-based monstrosity. And they never allow searching.

But -- I tried to post via this server... it seems that my on-rev
address is not recognized (or my configuration is not correct)

As the guys at Gmane, I don't like mailing lists as they exist (and
moreover web based mailing lists ;->)

So I am reading this list on the old newsreader "MacSOUP" :-)
And sometimes I am overwhelmed by huge html pages...
[yes, you on the french-speaking list ;-)]

Also, I read interesting things in the doc at Gmane: they say you can
post with a Gmane public address:

In fact, feel free to use your address anywhere. While
it's difficult for me to promise that your encrypted address will work
forever, I have no plans for limiting the use of these addresses.

but there is nowhere a place (AFIK) explaining how to create such an

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