Thierry th.douez at
Mon Jan 17 02:44:43 EST 2011

Le 16 janv. 2011 à 23:00, David Bovill a écrit :

> Does anyone know if the umask works on OSX / anymore - I used it years ago
> on Linux, but no idea if it works on OSX (dictionary say it dos not).

Well, better  try all these commands in a terminal and
you'll know quickly :

in a terminal do :

> echo 123 > test

> umask 666
> echo 345 > test2

> ls -l test*
-rw-rw-rw-   1 tdz  staff     4 17 jan 08:38 test
----------   1 tdz  staff     4 17 jan 08:38 test2

I did this in a shell with the terminal app., and on a Mac !
So ,the answer is YES :)

MacOsX is a Unix based system, most of the shell commands
are there... with subtle differences from Unix to Unix to Linux versions,
but most of the time, it just works the same.


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