Shell from a folder

David Bovill david at
Sun Jan 16 11:06:59 EST 2011

I'm wandering if there is any relationship between "the defaultfolder" and
where the "shell" function effectively operates from? I thought there was
but it seems not... to get the same result as I would get from the command
line I have to:

      shell_BashParamEscape pExecuteWhere

   *put* "cd" && pExecuteWhere && "&&" & space before someShell

   *put* someShell

   *put* shell (someShell) into shellResult


   -- this does not seem to work

   put the defaultfolder into oFolder

   set the defaultfolder to pExecuteWhere

   put shell (someShell) into shellResult

   set the defaultfolder to oFolder


Is there a more elegant way?

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