Datagrams: or how to avoid tRev(or)

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Sun Jan 16 10:51:21 EST 2011

--- On Sun, 1/16/11, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
> I would like to implement as robust
> as possible localhost (possibly later
> lan based) socket communication protocol between LiveCode
> based apps. While
> I've done a number of experiments, any can get teh 2 way
> comms going no
> problem - I'd like to do things in a way in which possible
> clashes with
> other apps listening on the same ports is dealt with. For
> instance I don't
> know which port tRev listens on?
> AFAIK - this is what Zero Configuration
> Networking<>is
> all about (ie Bonjour). I know there was an unsupported
> external
> knocking
> around - but I'm thinking maybe a poor amns version would
> be possible. On
> OSX you cna use
> mDNS<>I
> believe - how about windows, and linux?

For a Java project at work, I've been using JmDNS to enable service discovery over a LAN: <> Since it's pure Java it works on MacOSX, Windows and Linux.

Through process communication, you could manage a Java process running a LiveCodeHelper class that takes care of the registration and discovery of services.

When I find the time, I'll write up a blog post...

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