different screen resolutions (iOS)

Harald Müller harald at etcpp.de
Sat Jan 15 06:13:37 EST 2011

With the upcoming iPad 2 and its once again new screen resolution it will be more difficult to support all devices. As it looks there will be two "logical" resolutions each with two "physical" resolutions on the iOS, perhaps more to come.

As far as I know it is much easier to support those differing "physical" resolutions with the syntax "@2x" for high resolution graphics which will be used when the screen is a retina display. If Apple also doubles in "physical" resolution of the iPad 2 the technic to support this new resolution would be the same.

When I think about handling all this with LiveCode (which i love) and the need to make so many different versions I would like to have a "tool" or something which automates this. Thought about use all shown graphics via functions which do the same "@2x"-thing. Haven't found out yet how I could make a clean "double the whole stack in size" without visual or logical errors (text sizes, perfect element positions and so on).

Wouldn't it be a good idea to make a tool or bundle of functions which handle this "doubling of resolution"? How are you all handling this? 

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