Sqlite connection problem

Alessandro Pisoni alessandro at system-ini.it
Sat Jan 15 03:42:37 EST 2011

I have serius connection problem with my database sqlite.

my code is this:

on mouseUp
  put tAppPath() & "GestPres.db" into tDB
  put revOpenDatabase("sqlite",tDB,,,,,) into mydb
  revCloseDatabase mydb
end mouseUp

function tAppPath
  put effective filename of this stack into tFilename
  set itemdel to "/"
  if the platform = "MacOS" AND the environment <> "development" then
     delete item -4 to -1 of tFileName
    ## MacApp.app/Contents/MacOS/Standalonestack
    delete item 1 of tFileName
  end if
   return tFilename & "/"
end tAppPath

this is the error:

Database error:Unable to open the database file

I have created the db with Sqlite Manger . I open the db with the Sqlite Manager.


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