Export Snapshot (iOS)

Harald Müller harald at etcpp.de
Fri Jan 14 18:19:43 EST 2011

Hi all.

In a script I want to export a screenshot to a file. This works fine and
without any problem until I leave the card, go to a special other card
and then turn back. Then the export fails and the script stops without
any info in "the result". This happens with JPEG and PNG, I tried both:

     export snapshot from this card to file <path> as jpeg

The path never changes, only the contents of the card change. The
export only fails (no matter what the card contains) when I visited this
special other card. Could this be a memory problem?

Any idea?

Best regards,

| Harald Müller (www.etcpp.de)
| Theodor-Körner-Straße 4, 97072 Würzburg
| Telefon + 49-[0]931-329090-42

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