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Fri Jan 14 15:14:39 EST 2011

David C. wrote:

> On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Bob Sneidar <bobs at> wrote:
>>>  If you want to compensate for what Apple charges to retail your products,
>>> simply charge 30% more for it.
>> Bob

More than a few are considering it, or dropping features in the App 
Store version and offering a more attractive "pro" version at their site.

I'm seeing some very creative strategies for paying that tax.

> ...or tell Apple and/or the visionary Mr. Jobs to mind his/their own
> business, continuing to do what developers have done for the last 30
> years that was working very well. ;-)
> App Store: Completely unnecessary, innovation stifling and just plain
> abusive toward third party developers.

"Unnecessary" depends on your goals.

Personally, I've enjoyed getting software for my Mac from the web, even 
though it's far less secure than how Android users get software (Mac 
apps don't disclose the range of things they'll do on your system).

But iOS has changed expectations among a large segment of Apple's 
customers, so that today a great many of them would prefer a completely 
curated experience in order to feel more secure.

You and I may feel differently, and I would enjoy having the option of 
using signed apps as we can on Windows, but iOS customers have spoken, 
loudly and clearly, so we can expect that part of the iOS experience to 
come "back to the Mac" in due time.

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