LiveCode Newbie questions

Calvin Waterbury cjw at
Thu Jan 13 22:13:24 EST 2011

Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply.  Unfortunately, I can't wait.  I have an app out there right now.  Someone migrated my BASIC code to LiveCode and compiled it to get it up before a deadline.  The app seems to be well received, so I don't want to mess up the reception with the nag screens the Personal License applies.  

FYI - Oddly, at this time, cash flow is not an issue, so getting the commercial license would not be a problem.  I am not in a hurry, even though I *really* am!

FYI - Here is the link to the app.  I call it, "VeggieSquares."  It is in a pre-release version, so don't look at it too close.

Fair winds,

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