OT: Are Microsoft really at it again!

Richard Gaskin ambassador at fourthworld.com
Thu Jan 13 18:59:29 EST 2011

Douglas wrote:

> Remember when Microsoft lost their European court cases about unfair
> business practices etc.?
> One of the conditions of being allowed to continue to supply Internet
> Explorer in boxed Windows 7 packs in the EU. was that they would add a
> "Browser Choice" page that would allow the user to choose any of the big
> 5 browsers to install on their new setup.
> Nice idea, but I just installed a clean Win7 setup and all the other
> browsers are available EXCEPT FireFox !

Apparently that hasn't slowed Firefox down:

Microsoft Browser Dethroned in Europe by Mozilla Firefox, StatCounter Says

I'm not sure which should die first:  the CSV file format, or all 
non-standard implementations in IE.  Man, that would be a tough choice...

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