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Thu Jan 13 17:50:25 EST 2011

Hi Richard,

Ye Sir!  Your tone and attitude, as well as the content reflect exactly 
that of my mentor.  He's been at it about two years.  He goes by "Doc."  
At least that was his moniker when I became acquainted with him.  He's a 
great guy!

Thanks for the encouragement.

Fair winds,

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> 	Richard Gaskin <mailto:ambassador at>
> Thursday, January 13, 2011 4:40 PM
> Welcome aboard, Calvin.
> Calvin Waterbury wrote:
> Yep.  I understand that's sometimes shocking to VB devs, and more so 
> to folks who've used TookBook, which throws DLLs and .tb files all 
> over the system (I liked many things about ToolBook, but their 
> installation complexity wasn't one of them).
> The LiveCode engine packs a lot into its modest 2.5MB size, and has no 
> dependencies on anything else except for any optional DLL externals 
> you may choose to use.
> The most frequent tech support question I get from the institutional 
> customers I support is from IT staffers who can't believe that 
> installing our LiveCode-based app is as simple as we describe it.  
> When I tell them it has no dependencies on any DLLs, and runs on every 
> Win system from 2000 through 7, they still keep asking, "What else 
> does it need to install?"
> When I finally convince them to to just try using the simple 
> instructions we provide, most of the time they write me back with 
> something like, "Wow, so simple.  Never seen anything like that."
> This is one of the benefits of cross-platform computing, at least with 
> LiveCode.  While multiple DLL dependencies are common in Windows apps, 
> Linux handles things differently and Mac users have no patience with 
> that sort of thing.
> Yes, using LiveCode is definitely weird, but in the literal sense:  of 
> or pertaining to the supernatural. :)
> It can be a mind-bender to get used to, but once you do I suspect 
> you'll find a lot of things surprisingly easy.
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