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Thu Jan 13 17:50:22 EST 2011

On 1/13/11 4:05 PM, Calvin Waterbury wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> Thanks for the boost. I really do feel quite overwhelmed (see more below*)!

It's normal. LC is fairly unique, and you need a certain critical mass 
of info before it falls into place. That doesn't take a whole lot of 
time, but there's a paradigm shift. Once it happens, it's all "voila" 
from there.

And regarding your first note: we won't hit you. In fact, we'll embrace 
you. We love newcomers, and most of us will fall over backward to help. 
This is the right place to ask anything, no matter how stupid you think 
it is, because for every "dumb" question you're brave enough to post 
there will be a dozen other lurkers who want to know too. Ask anything.

> In regard to the end product, the user doesn't even have to install
> anything? Simply zip the exec and the "externals" folder and send it? Am
> I understanding you correctly?

Yup, for the most part, with rare exceptions you probably don't need to 
worry about.

> *"Overwhelmed" is my mental state at present. I coded in Visual Basic
> for a few years and making the paradigm shift to LC is weird. I am only
> coding with a trial license and it is going to run out and LC ain't
> cheap. Also, I have mentors offering to assist in learning
> VisualBASIC.NET and C#.NET and there is no cost to do this. I wish LC
> had a 90-day trial. :(

You probably won't need 90 days if you work a little bit every day and 
ask us stuff as you go. You're at the very best mentoring place RR 
offers -- this list. And we're free too.

> A couple of questions..
> Do you know if I purchase the personal license and code in it until I am
> ready to go commercial and *then* upgrade to a commercial license, will
> my apps upgrade too or will I have to recode/recompile??

Your apps are good no matter what. I think a good move is to buy the 
personal license if you're not sure, because you can always upgrade 
later at no extra cost.

> Hmm... I forgot the other question. <frown>
> Maybe this is not the place to ask these questions, but I have to start
> somewhere.

It's exactly the right place. Let us know when you remember the other 

Oh, about the "venting" thread -- it's nothing. The vents are about some 
minor things in the interface that some people would like implemented 
differently. Little stuff. Should a list be displayed alphabetically or 
in order of creation? How should a find dialog be presented? That kind 
of thing. Until you know the interface better you probably won't even 

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