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Thu Jan 13 17:26:50 EST 2011


On Thu, Jan 13, 2011 at 3:05 PM, Calvin Waterbury <cjw at> wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> In regard to the end product, the user doesn't even have to install
> anything?  Simply zip the exec and the "externals" folder and send it?  Am I
> understanding you correctly?

Yes, that's all I do. You can write a separate installer for your app as
well, but there's no need to if you don't want.

> *"Overwhelmed" is my mental state at present.  I coded in Visual Basic for
> a few years and making the paradigm shift to LC is weird.  I am only coding
> with a trial license and it is going to run out and LC ain't cheap.  Also, I
> have mentors offering to assist in learning VisualBASIC.NET and C#.NET and
> there is no cost to do this.  I wish LC had a 90-day trial. :(

My recommendation would be the following:

1. Is the LC price a major barrier for you, which - even if the perfect tool
for your needs (note: no such tool exists) - would still be a major

- If yes, then put it off to the side for now and see what's possible with
- If not, then continue...

2. Create something that isn't big, but also hits many of the major features
you'll need to use in your app. Find out if LC has the basic features you'll
need to make forward progress on your project.

- Do you have graphical rendering needs? 3D?
- Internet accessibility needs? Secure communication (i.e. SSL)?
- XML parsing?
- Rich text formatting?
- Database accessibility?
- Native UI look/feel (possibly an issue on OS X w/ toolbars)?

These are just a few possibilities. But during the course of putting
together some really trivial programs that teach you LC and make use of each
of the major components of your project, you'll be able to best decide what
to do for yourself.

> A couple of questions..
>  [[.. license questions snipped ..]]

I would email these concerns/questions directly to RunRev. They've always
been great working with me (and others here). I think you might be
pleasantly surprised how easy they are to work with.

Jeff M.

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