LiveCode Newbie questions

Calvin Waterbury cjw at
Thu Jan 13 17:05:36 EST 2011

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the boost.  I really do feel quite overwhelmed (see more below*)!

In regard to the end product, the user doesn't even have to install 
anything?  Simply zip the exec and the "externals" folder and send it?  
Am I understanding you correctly?

*"Overwhelmed" is my mental state at present.  I coded in Visual Basic 
for a few years and making the paradigm shift to LC is weird.  I am only 
coding with a trial license and it is going to run out and LC ain't 
cheap.  Also, I have mentors offering to assist in learning 
VisualBASIC.NET and C#.NET and there is no cost to do this.  I wish LC 
had a 90-day trial. :(

A couple of questions..

  Do you know if I purchase the personal license and code in it until I 
am ready to go commercial and *then* upgrade to a commercial license, 
will my apps upgrade too or will I have to recode/recompile??

Hmm... I forgot the other question. <frown>

Maybe this is not the place to ask these questions, but I have to start 

Thanks for the help,
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> 	Jeff Massung <mailto:massung at>
> Thursday, January 13, 2011 3:50 PM
> Calvin,
> Don't let the vent thread scare you. Some here have been using LC for 
> quite
> a while, and usually it's the little things that make you want to 
> vent. The
> big things Rev has been doing a great job with!
> LC apps do compile to an EXE. It's not 100% self-encompassing, though,
> meaning it may need some DLLs that live next to it (in an "externals"
> folder); In your DB example, there'd be a DLL for the database 
> functions in
> there, but LC takes care of all of this for you. Your end-user will 
> never be
> the wiser, and there's no runtime to install.
> Jeff M.
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> 	Calvin Waterbury <mailto:cjw at>
> Thursday, January 13, 2011 3:44 PM
> Hi,
> I have just begun in LC and frankly, some of the comments in the 
> "Vent!" thread scares me!  Also, I have/am reading all the FAQ stuff I 
> can, but it's tough to sort it all out at his time, so if I ask a 
> inappropriate(read: "dumb")question, just send me to my room. PLEASE 
> don't hit me?!?
> I have a graphics-dragging app that has been coded and complies into a 
> single  exec.  Do all apps created in LC compile to a single exec, say 
> an app that has a database?
> Thanks for the help... I'm gonna need it!
> Calvin

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