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Thu Jan 13 16:00:23 EST 2011

On 1/13/11 1:14 PM, Paul Looney wrote:
> And Peter,
> Let's not forget:
> You click a down arrow to make objects move up.
> You click an up arrow to make objects move down.
> You click an up arrow to make objects move right.
> You click an up arrow to make objects wider.

I wouldn't change this because it reinforces how pixel counting works; 
up and left are less, down and right are more. As developers, we should 
understand that stuff.

(Clicking the down arrow in any scrollbar makes the contents move up on 
every OS too.)

> You adjust the type size on the last panel but
> you adjust the leading on the first panel.

You have to go to the Table pane to set tabstops too. Even though some 
properties apply more to one thing than another, I'd like to see them 
duplicated on every pane where they apply. Tabstops should appear on 
both the Table pane and the Text pane, for example.

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