Answer dialog and stack background color

paolo mazza paolo.mazza at
Thu Jan 13 08:49:01 EST 2011

Hi all,
I am working with LiveCode 4.5.3 / Mac and it happened to me something

If I set the background color of the stack to black, and then I send an
"answer" command, using the IDE I get the standard grey answer dialog
window. Fine.

But, if I export the stack, and I send an "answer" command from the
applications (mac and windows), the answer dialog window I get has a BLACK
background color.

In other words, the answer dialog windows in the applications are whole
black !!!

I think this is a bug. How can I fix it ??

All the best

Paolo Mazza


Paolo Mazza
Società partecipata da Università di Padova
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35131 - Padova (Italy)
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