Live LiveCode Code Event #6

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Thu Jan 13 08:18:43 EST 2011

Dearest Livers

As usual, the bestest grand and mostest exciting new online Event regarding LiveCode takes place on 20:00 CET this Saturday. ChatRev is highly suggested for asking questions and knowing when to switch stream.

This time around, Mark will introduce you to "Creating your own Edit menu, specifically Copy, Paste, Cut and Clear, and Undo if there is time"

David aims to woo people with a shorter presentation then last time, suggesting a topic of "CSS Style Sheets for LiveCode Projects"

Other times:
Zurich is within CET
Buenos Aires: 16:00
New York:  14:00 
San Francisco: 11:00
Sydney: 06:00

Vote on the poll for times that have not been voted on much:

Make sure to use ChatRev during the happening, otherwise you might miss when you'll need to change to the other stream:
go stack URL ""

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