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Thu Jan 13 02:17:19 EST 2011

Hi Paul --

I, too, have been limping along with a revNavigator that I can't stop using
but which has fallen behind the dev environment in a few areas. I should
really talk to the developer and convince him to update that thing...

I'll try to find some time this weekend to have a look at the layering code
to see what's going wonky. The whole thing needs a re-write in the worst
way. I hadn't done much development in Rev for several years, but in the
past year I've built three tools critical to my place of employment. If I
gave as much attention as I gave to those tools to revNavigator it would be
shining your shoes right now.


On Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 1:20 PM, Paul Looney <support at> wrote:

> Fellow Programmers,
> For many years I've used the revNavigator plugin to layer objects - to move
> objects to any layer, into and out of groups, from one group to another,
> etc.
> Somewhere around Rev 3.5 the revNavigator broke. Dragging objects in the
> list would only put bookmarks at the top of the list - leaving the selected
> object in its original layer. Using the Option key to move objects in groups
> (per the instructions) did not help. I am referring to revNavigator 3.0 RC
> 1.
> I can open the stack in an older version of Rev, with the older version of
> the Navigator and relayering works properly. BUT...
> Having adjusted the object layers in an older version of Rev, the DataGrids
> will not work on the stack when it is reopened in LC 4.0 or 4.5.1. All of
> the grid objects are there but they have no "intelligence":
> 1. setting the dgText of the grid group does nothing - does not produce an
> error, using a "try/catch" shows nothing
> 2. the columns are the same size but have no column widths in the Columns
> tab on the object inspector
> 3. "the behavior of group 'DataGrid'" returns empty, not "button id 1005 of
> stack "revDataGridLibrary""
> The original grids in the stack are broken.
> I can add new grids and they work properly. BUT...
> If I replace the old grids with new ones, I have no way to put them in the
> proper layers - short of completely rebuilding a very complex stack.
> So, two questions:
> 1. Can you recommend something for layering objects in LC 4.5.1 and later?
> 2. Is there a way to fix the broken datagrid described above?
> FYI, LC 4.0 tested on OS X 10.4.11 on a G4 PowerBook and LC 4.5.1 tested on
> OS X 10.6.6 on an Intel Mac Mini.
> I really appreciate your help.
> Paul Looney
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