What does the DragData contain?

André Bisseret andre.bisseret at wanadoo.fr
Wed Jan 12 08:15:42 EST 2011

Le 11 janv. 2011 à 18:21, Bob Sneidar a écrit :

> Thanks Mark that clears a lot of things up. I found that by getting the short name of the source and destination, I can tell what column in each I am dragging from and to. 
> One thing that would have been nice would have been to get a single column of data in a data grid with multiple columns. In fact, a command that gave me a column in ANY list or array would have been nice, but I know I will have to roll my own. Not a problem, just inconvenient. 
> My goal is to drop a value onto a column in a multicolumn grid and have the value placed after the last value in that column. Picture something like Filemaker's data import dialog, where you can drag fields from the source and destination into a "merge table" and define the action by clicking a center column. That is what I am working on. 
> While it's fun, I find myself spending an inordinate amount of time figuring out just how datagrids work, and how to implement drag and drop between them. Still, it's not time wasted, it's time spent getting an education. :-)

Bonjour Bob,

If you don't know it, you could catch a glance to "Experiment 015 - Drag & drop^in DG" from TheSlug here on his site:


under "Experiments 012 to 016: Datagrids experiments"

Seems possible to modify the scripts in order to drag only one value of a row of a Dg and drop it onto another Dg.

Sure TheSlug would know how to do that far better than me ;-))

Best regards from Grenoble


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