Update screen during lengthy process

tkuypers at telenet.be tkuypers at telenet.be
Tue Jan 11 20:42:12 EST 2011

Hi gang... 

I've created a hot-folder based app, that executes a few scripts when a file if dropped into a specific folder.
But these scripts can take up to 4 minutes to end and during that period LiveCode is locked.

I'm using a send command to watch the folder every few seconds, is a file is found then it is processed, but I want to show some kind of progress on screen to show the app is working.

I've tried firing off a second event, to show a counter, but that doesn't do anything.
And of course clicking on the "Stop Processing" button doesn't work as well :-(

Any suggestions on how to show a progress, and how to make the "Stop" button to work during the execution of an applescript?

Any suggestions are welcome.

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Ton Kuypers

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