Using shell to call Livecode

David Bovill david at
Mon Jan 10 14:09:39 EST 2011

I want to configure an external program to use LiveCode as a web browser
rather than a default browser - in the config options it allows you to
specify a command line that will open a browser of you choice with the given

> A shell command used to launch your preferred web browser when given a URL as an argument.
> Defaults to "start" on windows, "open" on Mac, and "firefox" on Unix.
> Similar things go for using Livecode as a built in editor for various
things. I don't want to use AppleScript as i want a cross-platform solution?
Any suggestions as to what i could try?

On 10 January 2011 18:36, Mark Schonewille <m.schonewille at
> wrote:

> David,
> You can do really nice tricks with the shell and Revolution 3.5 and
> earlier. I'm not sure about 4 and later.

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