Custom Print Dialog

Marty Knapp martyknapp at
Sun Jan 9 19:03:12 EST 2011

Has anyone rolled their own print dialog for Mac? I'm working on an app 
that I hope to get into the Mac App Store and am concerned about 
violating the HIG. Currently my users have a choice of how many cards to 
print per page, along with a few other options that need to be set 
before I call for the print dialog. I have to inform the user not to 
change the quantity in the subsequent standard mac print dialog, as that 
will potentially print multiple copies of a multi-card page, which might 
confuse people.

But looking at the dictionary, it doesn't look like there are too many 
options when making you own print dialog. For instance, if you're 
printing to an ink jet printer, I see the only color option is on or off 
- no control over the type of paper (plain, high-gloss, etc). As my 
printers here don't have multiple paper trays, I can't tell if that 
shows up in printerFeatures.

Any advice for me?

Thank you,
Marty Knapp

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