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Sat Jan 8 22:24:11 EST 2011

On 1/8/11 8:59 PM, Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:
> Jacqui,
> Unfortunately, I haven't always used menubars; If I were to start
> over, something I don't intend to do at this time, I would. And I DO
> have Arrow key handlers for card navigation. It's one of my preferred
> ways of moving around.

Unless you need to skip certain cards or otherwise control which is the 
"next" card, you don't need arrowkey handlers for that. Just set the 
navigationarrows to true and card navigation by arrow keys will happen 

But even if you do need arrowkey handlers, you can just check in the 
first line to see if the target contains the name of your menu group. 
Pass arrowkey if that's the case. If there are no menus on the card, the 
test won't be true and the handler will continue as it does now.

> I'm pretty sure the menuHistory property is
> going to let me do what I want.

See how it goes. I don't think menuhistory changes until after the menu 
is closed.

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