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This is great. I joined the yahoo group. The files section has lots of
stuff, nice. There is a database of image ID's and a database of namespace
prefixes also but I don't see any easy way to add new things to those

On Sat, Jan 8, 2011 at 12:01 PM, Richard Gaskin
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> william humphrey wrote:
>> Has anyone built a preferences stack which can be used in any livecode app
>> and which checks on start-up specialfolderpath("preferences") to see if
>> the
>> file is there and creates it if not? I just noticed an app in Apple's new
>> app store which views the preferences file for any application (they are
>> all
>> xml files with .plist) and wondered if someone has built a stack which
>> adheres to this standard that everyone can use in their applications?
> One of the slow-but-ongoing projects at the Rev Interoperability Group is
> stdLib, a library of common handlers and functions needed by most apps.
> stdLib includes handlers to get and set prefs, both of which use a function
> that returns the path to the prefs file in an appropriate place on both OS X
> and Windows (needs to be extended to include Linux too).
> That function first checks if the prefs stack already exists, and if not it
> creates it.
> The RIP home page is:
> <>
> I'll take this opportunity to draw attention to another intiative there
> that's very valuable IMO but has so far garnered little active support:
> - the creation of a behavior script for fields to handle data input
> validation and masking.
> The goal of RIP is to identify needs for components and tools that are
> useful enough to be worth doing, and focused enough in scope that they could
> actually get done.
> If you can spare any time to contribute to such things, the aim is to
> release anything made there under the ultra-flexible terms of either the MIT
> license or public domain, so all can benefit without concerns about
> licensing for use in commercial work.
> I hope to see some of you there.  Most of the current members have been so
> busy on other projects that we could sure use some fresh blood. :)
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