Audioclips: can't get at the data?

stephen barncard stephenREVOLUTION2 at
Fri Jan 7 18:31:26 EST 2011

*Wait a minute - David, you are on to something. THIS WORKS!*

*I exported as scripted and opened the resultant file in Amadeus Pro RAW
(default params) - and got a cogent waveform - my sound!! It was even at the
same speed. 16 bit 44.1k*


*on* mouseUp

     *play* ac "shutShortQ.aif"

     *copy*  audioclip "shutShortQ.aif"

     *ask* file "name?" with "shutShortQ.aif"

     *if* it is empty or it is "cancel" *then* *exit* to top

     *put* it into someFile

     *get* clipboarddata ["objects"]

     *put* it into url ("binfile:" & someFile)

     *put* it

*end* mouseUp

What's needed to make a usable audio file is just to provide the appropriate
header info, which obviously missing. The binary data with no or special
headers is stored in the stack as an audioclip. Are there hidden properties
of the individual audioclip object ( such as sample rate ) that can be found
before export?

By the way, the audioclip object can have custom properties assigned. Think
volume and other metadata could be stored.

This is totally hackable in Livecode!

Looking at the output waveform, it appears that the track ends early and
spikes to digital 0 (full negative), which indicates that a few bytes in the
front are missing - the header bytes!

must investigate!

more later

On 7 January 2011 14:15, David Bovill <david at> wrote:

> NB - filed this as a bug report - vote for this:
>   -
> On 7 January 2011 22:07, David Bovill <david at> wrote:
> > No - I don't think it will work as an export format - as it is an
> internal
> > object representation format for LiveCode.
> >

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