Control Keys still not working

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Fri Jan 7 17:22:40 EST 2011

I finally tested my app on a real PC and the control keys still do not work. The alt key mnemonics worked and the arrow keys worked, but not the Control Keys. I've tried various other solutions, including building ONLY the Windows version, rather than MacOSX AND Windows at the same time. Also a few other subtle combinations and arrangements. None worked. I'm assuming that I'm the only person suffering from this problem, since no one else has chimed in over the past few days.

If someone has a somewhat small app they've built to a standalone in which the Control Keys DO work, I would appreciate them sending it to me directly in some manner or another. I can receive fairly large emails. Please put the word "architect" in the subject line to assure it passing my spam blocking.

Thanks a lot.
Joe Lewis Wilkins
Architect & Director of Product Development for GSI

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