Connecting to a MySQL database at a hosting provider

Björnke von Gierke bvg at
Fri Jan 7 12:58:30 EST 2011

normally you'd create a php (or other scripted server side language) interface that queries the sql backend, or makes updates to it. But instead of outputting formatted html, you simply output machine parse-able content, like a tab delimited list, or xml. Then you can access the data, just as you would if you'd go directly into the mysql, but via an url that queries your scripted output:

put url "http://yourServer.fake/showUser.php?user=blah&password=plainTextIsNotSecure"

On 7 Jan 2011, at 18:50, John Allijn wrote:

> Hi,
> I' writing an iPad app. I want the app to get some shared data from a MySQL database. I've seen scripts for that and locally they all work great. 
> However, I've got three websites, each with a different hosting provider, and they all have installed MySQL in such a way that you can only access the database from  within a webpage running at the hosting provider. For example with a PHP script.
> I guess I'n not the first one who wants to pull data from a DB on the web :) 
> Is there a way around that? like a special PHP script, or another kind of generally used interface that works as a server-side to my client-app?
> The database itself is quite easy. just first/last name, email, a line of free format text and a date. I want to test if the user exists (is in the database), has paid his subscription (the date is an expiration date), and a system message specifically for that user (the free text field)
> any suggestions????
> best regards,
> John.
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