Problems Opening an EXCEL text file

Ian McKnight iangmcknight at
Fri Jan 7 05:46:33 EST 2011


I have a table of data held in a table in EXCEL and I want to import it into
a field in a LC stack.
I saved the file from EXECL as a tab delimited text file
and used the following handler


on* mouseUp

*answer* file "choose" with *type* "text|txt|TXT"

*if* it is empty or it is *cancel* *then* *exit* mouseup

*put* "file:"&it into fName

*put* URL fName into fld "display"

end* mouseUp
The stange thing is that this doesnt appear to work - I get a blank field.
However if I open and save the text file in NotePad or WordPad and then run
the handler I get the data displayed in the field correctly.

So how do I get the text file to be recognised without putting it through
Notepad? What does EXCEL do to the file that NotePad doesn't? I'm using LC
4.5.1 and have also tested this on Rev Enterprise 4.0 both on Windows (Win 7
and XP)


Ian McKnight

iangmcknight at

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