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On 1/6/11 11:20 PM, "Bob Sneidar" <bobs at twft.com> wrote:

> Good to know Peter. I have been working on a Table Merge function for some
> time, and one of the features is to be able to isolate the SQL for creation of
> a table, allow the user to pick which columns to merge between the tables, ant
> then if necessary, create the table in the destination database with the
> columns that the user selected. So a method for producing the exact syntax for
> table and column was essential to this.
> It's still buggy, but functional. I keep going back through and reworking
> things, mainly interface issues. But the code to actually create new tables
> and insert columns into existing ones identical to the source columns is all
> intact. It's been a fun project and has taught me a lot about SQL,
> specifically the subtle differences in syntax, which SQL was supposedly going
> to eliminate when it was first conceived.

Btw, in Vstudio for Lite already should work dump of db and separate table
into SQL txt file.

Then as far as I understand, you can load this dump file of T1 into T2
So this will be merge ...

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