ControlKeyDown problem - still not working w/Windows

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jan 5 12:14:50 EST 2011

Joe Lewis Wilkins wrote:

 > I have yet to resolve this issue. Strangely enough, if I allow the
 > OSX version to "see" the controlKeyDown handler, they work the same
 > as the commandKeyDown handler - both being in the stacks' scripts.
 > The only area of suspicion would likely be that I'm running WindowsXP
 > under VM Fusion on my Mac (Pro with Snow Leopard); while running the
 > app in XP, I find that 'the Platform' is Win32, but that shouldn't
 > matter since the Handlers normally use a
 > If the platform is MacOS then
 > beep
 > else....
 >   All the control key stuff
 > end if
 > Does anyone have a similar setup that works?

You may want to double-check the settings in the VM to see if it's 
remapping the control key.  I haven't used VM Fusion but I know 
Parallels provides such an option.

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